Qhiwua Podcast Episode 8: It’s A Celebration!

Since the day our special guest Elizabeth set foot in Morocco she’s been invited for more weddings than our local Moroccan, Badr, for one reason. He’s been avoiding them. They can be short and fun, or a seven day long affair for people you don’t even know.


Qhiwua Podcast Episode 7: The R-Word

To celebrate Hamilton finishing with the Peace Corps, in this episode we talk frankly about religion!  Respectfully.  We promise.  It’s hard to talk about objectively, but we try to give each other the outsider’s perspective.

Qhiwua Podcast Episode 6: Love and Family

In this episode we discuss the difference in gender dynamics, dating, and family life between the US and Morocco. We also learn that in Morocco people express love through food. We also talk about how these relationships are changing, and how varied they can be in the states.

Qhiwua Podcast Episode 5: Back in Our Day

In this episode, Hamilton shows off some of what he’s learned about audio engineering in Audacity. Oh, and we talk about our childhoods, what kinds of games we played, and times when our fathers humiliated us for their enjoyment.

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